1. Peach Perfect
    Scarlet Falcon

  2. This Cracked Glass
    The Scalding House

  3. From The Carrion Crows
    The Scalding House

  4. Yrivd
    The Scalding House

  5. a nursing home

  6. Acoustic Demos Vol.2

  7. Early Acoustic Home Recordings Vol.1

  8. Songs For Rain

  9. A Catalogue Of Botched Lobotomies -Drain Bamage Coke Nail split
    Drain Bamage / Coke Nail

  10. Deflowered Cunt / Oozing meat x2 Cassette Split
    Deflowered Cunt

  11. Drain Bamage Demo
    Drain Bamage

  12. Whats That Noise?
    New York Against The Belzebu / H.C.G

  13. Post Office Massacre (1985 cassette demo)
    Post office Massacre

  14. Deflowered Cunt / General Nausea Split
    Deflowered Cunt General Nausea

  15. Centipedes (deflowered Cunt / Sweet Dreams split tape)
    Deflowered Cunt / Sweet Dreams

  16. Gutter Noise - 12 Bands x 60 Minutes

  17. Deflowered Cunt / The Formal Nightmare

  18. Deflowered Cunt / NTAP split tape

  19. Deflowered Cunt / Deche Charge

  20. Sergeant Cortez Demo

  21. Old School Vs New School (Various Artists)

  22. Civilization End

  23. Sally
    Deflowered Cunt

  24. Playing Tonight Only!
    Deflowered Cunt, Seven Minutes Of Nausea

  25. Deflowered Cunt / Cum Sock / CxTxD / Dick Dunn

  26. How To Sell Out
    Gorganized Dorks / Deflowered Cunt / Menso Noise

  27. Deflowered Cunt Vs CxBxFxIxHxFxLxFxRxE

  28. 4 Way Dans La Marde by Deflowered Cunt / Cum Sock / MEUH / Deche Charge
    Deche Charge, Cum Sock, Deflowered Cunt, MEUH!!!

  29. Brain Damaged Goods - Deflowered Cunt / Kusari Gama Kill split
    Kusari Gama Kill - Deflowered Cunt

  30. Uncountable Amount Of Songs (Scab Addict / Post Natal Drip)
    Post Natal Drip / Scab Addict

  31. Fisted Midget Knuckleduster / Diddleboro split tape

  32. Deflowered Cunt / Post Natal Drip Split Tape
    Deflowered Cunt

  33. Jacked Up Jesus
    Deflowered Cunt / Pissdeads

  34. Hell
    Dosis Letalis / Deflowered Cunt

  35. Deflowered Bullshit's Cunt Market
    Deflowered Cunt / Bullshit Market

  36. Mass Audio Wreckage
    Deflowered Cunt / Horse Meat

  37. Deflowered Cunt / Bullshit Market
    Deflowered cunt / Bullshit market

  38. DxCx & 7m$ Guide To Good Housekeeping
    Deflowered Cunt / Sedem Minut Strachu

  39. Cunt Fest
    Deflowered cunt

  40. Fucking All 27 Genders
    Deflowered Cunt

  41. Sheep Shearer
    Sheep Shearer

  42. Nick Powers
    Deflowered Cunt / Happiness And Something Psychotic

  43. Deflowered Cunt & Hypnic Jerk Touch One Another
    Deflowered Cunt / Hypnic Jerk

  44. The Sweet Sound Of Fingers Snapping
    Deflowered Cunt / Shitnoise Bastards Split

  45. Start Strong, Finish Dead
    Deflowered Cunt

  46. DxCx Are Hated
    Deflowered Cunt

  47. A Guitar String Makes The Best Garrote / Nice Try
    Deflowered Cunt / Curd

  48. Bodybag
    Deflowered Cunt / Moist Pony

  49. Cattle Farm
    Deflowered Cunt / IHATETHISWORLD

  50. Deflowered Cunt
    Deflowered Cunt

  51. Brickeater Pt3
    The Scalding House Collaboration

  52. Brickeater Pt.2
    The Scalding House Collaboration

  53. Brickeater
    The Scalding House Collaboration

  54. rhinosaurus
    the scalding house

  55. Drowning In Sand
    The Scalding House / Carriy

  56. [errors]
    The Scalding House / Static Fog

  57. LSD

  58. Hive

  59. The Scalding House

  60. pleaseforgiveme


The Scalding House Records Birmingham, UK

The Scalding House Records is an independent record label focused on all things noise related. HN, HNW, PE, Noisecore, grindcore, filth and degradation. check out the merch for tapes, CDs and other lovely goodies.

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