Cunt Fest

by Deflowered cunt

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1.-223. untitled trax
224. Gary was a scag baron
225. Set the pigs on him
226. Giving head to the headmasters hamster
227. Cock fosters in Cockfosters
228. We are the maggots in your meat
229. Chew on this and tell me what it tastes like
230. Sinew and cartilage and other hobbies
231. TFW you're bollocks deep in a cactus
232. I trained my dog to say cunt
233. It's really big and hard and I don't like it
234. I'm only wearing pink until they invent a gayer colour
235. Getting nailed to a cross ain't all it's cracked up to be, just ask Jesus, he'll tell you
236. Sean Beard is a Juggalo
237. Dildos at the ready
238. You're all fucking finger painters
239. It's a real shame you died
240. Nail gun paint ball party
241. I'm Your motherfucker (WCPC cover)
242- ∞. ...And we stand to admire it all as the waves roll back to reveal the dying and the dead and we stand to admire it all as the waves roll back to reveal the dying and the dead and we stand...

On this recording Deflowered Cunt are:
Stoat Weasel
DxCx Kuntfist
Wife Beater


released November 3, 2016

On this recording DxCx are: DxCx Kuntfist, Stoat Weasel and Wife Beater
Special thanks to sean Waves Crashing Piano Chords for letting us cover his shit. buy everything from Hate Track records.



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Deflowered Cunt is
DxCx Kuntfist &
Stoat Weasel

Sheep Shearer is
R.J. Barstow
and Nick Waller

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Track Name: Cunt Fest
fuckin lyrics??